Make Somebody’s Day With a Handwritten Letter!

Handwritten Letter

Once a common means of communication, handwritten letters are the epitome of conveying closeness and fond emotions to those you care about today. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, festive greetings, Valentine’s Day, and get-well cards are just some reasons to write a letter to make someone’s day.

The process of sending a letter makes the recipient feel special. Handwritten letters are the most meaningful way to show someone that you care. The sheer time and effort one puts into writing a letter makes it an emotional present in today’s times when words can be typed on fingertips or dictated for virtual assistants to type out. Collating thoughts, writing it by hand on paper, and bringing it to be mailed require so much more effort than whipping out a smartphone, typing a line, and hitting send instantly. The joy of seeing a special someone or a close friend reading your words in your handwriting is simply the cherry on top!

No matter how many emails, text messages, video calls, social media tags or other electronic and digital communication you employ, putting it in a letter makes your message extra special.

Maybe it is a good thing that letters are still delivered slowly, even today. It restores the sweet excitement of awaiting the arrival of a letter posted by someone.

We are constantly bombarded with several pieces of information and entertainment for professional and personal purposes every day. Consequently, we learn to peruse the content for keywords. It is hard to pay attention to every word when you read on screen. But letters in someone’s handwriting encourage slow, mindful reading. The slow pace of reading results in establishing better connections between the writer and recipient.

Next time you wish to reconnect with a long-lost relative or friend, or simply wish to rekindle your relationship with a loved one, write them a heartfelt letter!

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