Managing Work-life balance while working from home

Managing Work Life Balance

From tech-giants to leading startups, in the region and across the globe, have made work from home till the end of the year. A few of them have made it permanent unless the pandemic is over. Initially working from home appeared as a great relief to many who hated going to the office. However, their perception changed as we moved towards more stressed days and not being able to hit the work-life balance.

There are 1000s of resources that would tell you how to optimize your work while working from home. How to increase efficiency while working from home, but we all missed the silver lining of being happy at home.

Our home was the place where we all used to be happy, not so much in stress. It was a scape away from the corporate jungle, and now it is part of it, from morning zoom meetings to client’s panic calls, from juggling with paperwork to focusing on new ideas while your kid is crying. Everything started to become messy & we are all in it.

Here are a few guidelines, we can follow, not only to make our lives better & the people around us.

1) Patience is the key.

We can get stressed quickly as we approach deadlines. It could be because of the top management pressure our complaints from the clients. However, getting stressed is not going to help anyone. If we start to deal with things patiently and try to figure out solutions, things will move way better.

2) Humility is above all.

Stress has a chain reaction & someone has to break it. Accepting the faults of others and giving them a chance to improve will also help you feel good and a little less stressed. If you have people working under you, it is even more important to keep your consideration switch on. No one is perfect, no team is excellent, we all make mistakes, and these challenging times it is imperative to accept this.

3) Meditation can help you stay calm.
Staying calm and composed would not only help to focus better; it would also pass the positive vibes to your other team members, your bosses & your subordinates. Meditating every day has scientifically proven to help you stay at your senses and be stress-free.

4) Set a routine & stick to it

While working from home can be fascinating with no time constraints, it can create a lot of troubles in life. Setting up work timelines and sticking to it will help you stay calmer and would give more time to other things. You will get more focus,

5) Use tools & technology to make your life easier.

While working from home, you may find it challenging to communicate with the team. If you are a manager or even part of a team, you can suggest using project management & communication tools. WhatsApp tends to create anxiety, and you can forget things, miss an opportunity. If you would use applications that have been made to solve your business communication problems, your life will be at peace.

6) Write important things down on paper.

However, unique technology would become; we still tend to forget things. Writing them down helps to remember. Writing also allows you to simplify things. Putting down smaller details on the paper for each of your tasks makes the process fun and enjoyable.

How is your work from home going? Have you started to go back to the office? What format your office is following? What do you think can be improved and help everyone? Let us know in the comments & see you again in our next blog.

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